Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Jasper Townsite & Area August 22, 2018

When I woke this morning and looked out the balcony doors I knew if was deja vu all over again.  Then when the sun showed up that deja vu was confirmed.  The smoke index was high and I could smell it and could see not much at all.   It would be a day of focusing on what was right under our noses.  We had a plan in place and mid morning began to execute that plan.
Our first stop was at the Valley of Five Lakes.  I hoped for bright greens and other crisp colors but I knew in my heart that was just a pipe dream.  The first bridge we crossed offered promising scenery.
 Lake Five was the first lake for us and I went for the reflection shot.  
One thing about the smoke conditions, we were afforded dramatic views.
 We spent some time at the Third Lake.  
We could get close to it and the green hues were pretty.
 lots to reflect on today
 one of our group shots for the day
We carried on to the next and to where we could admire the scenery from different angles.  We were warned about a grazing black bear on the slope to our right.  We continued on checking out to our right.  Little did we know...... had crossed the trail and was now swimming in the Lake.
We watched it from a safe distance for quite some time.  It looked healthy with a bright black shiny coat and plump belly.  After cooling off in the water, it scrambled up onto the boulders for easier access to desert.  It was in its own little world which is usual for this time of year, fueling up and filling up, gearing up for hibernation.
We completed our hike at Valley of Five Lakes and then drove back to Jasper and up towards Pyramid Lake.  It was time to find an ideal picnic site and I remembered where there was the perfect spot.  We parked the car and right in front of us at Pyramid Lake was a herd of elk.  It was exciting to see them in the water cooling off.
When I realized they were also in the thick brush around us, I headed back to the car.  My friends opted to hang out longer and watch them do their thing.  I knew with it being rutting season, it wasn't ideal to be near them.  A little later we saw two Parks People keeping people away allowing the elk to have their space.  I also saw on the news where later that day in Jasper a buck charged a fellow.
We had to take a bushwhacking detour to get around the elk to get to the bridge which would lead us to that ideal picnic spot.  Still focusing on what is right before our eyes, I like how this photo turned out.  The island looks tiny.
 enjoying our picnic
 I have been craving color which has been absent from our views.  
I created a view which had limited satisfaction.
Yet it was a feast for my fuel need.
Ready to hit the road again, we drove to Maligne Canyon and did the hike there.  These kinds of canyons and waterfalls are not my thing and I find them hard to photograph.  I have nothing to share on what we witnessed.

Annette Lake was an inviting spot to spend some time.  My friend went for a swim to cool off.  I chose to practice photo taking.  This is late afternoon but looks like late evening early night.  I played with the camera settings and was happy to see this was the outcome.
Jasper Park Lodge was just down the road and around the corner so we added that to our list of places to visit today.  By now we were walked out and tuckered out.  Our home away from home was just a short drive and we went for it.
We had much success today when it came down to it.  
It was more of the unexpected that made our day.
Jasper I will be back!

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