Monday, July 30, 2018

Revelstoke Mountain Resort The Stoke July 30, 2018

I had one day to do something on the bigger side in Revelstoke.  My original intention was to drive up the long Meadows in the Sky Parkway in Mount Revelstoke National Park and then do a hike from up there.  After reading about closures and bear warnings I quickly went into recovery mode to come up with another place to play.  It did not take long to decide, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, that's the place.

There were two gondolas that I needed to ride to get to the top where the hiking trails are.  This was the view as I walked away from the gondola and headed for the trail head for The Stoke.  The Stoke is a new trail that just opened this summer.  
Everything was new up here.
This map shows the route and gives a short story.
green for easy
It was the easy Cupcake Trail that lead the way to where the blue intermediate Stoke Trail began.  
It was such a treat to be experiencing everything in mint condition. 
new bridge
As I hiked along I felt appreciative for the work people did to get this trail in hiking condition.  I realized how much there was to consider when building it.  Thank you for the switch backs.  Tree stumps along the sides of the trail in places made great seats, places to sit your pack, even places to place your camera to get a selfie.  Whether that was intentional or not, thank you again.

I am ready to get stoked!
When I popped out of the trees, the scenes were phenomenal.  Yet it was too bad smoke made for hazy views.  Even though it was smoky off in the distance, just like in Golden I could not smell it and it did not bother me.   I wondered if this stump was placed here purposely at this angle, it made for a perfect prop for my photo.
marmot has the pose perfected
a section lined with rocks
Out in the open now it was hot hot hot.  It was surprising with how dry and hot it has been, the grass is as green as can be and further along the meadow was covered in hippies and paintbrushes.  You can see the switchbacks going up the side of the grassy slope.
hippies & high peaks
The whole row of peaks was a sight to see.  I can only imagine on a clearer day how spectacular this would look.  I was beginning to wonder if I would make it to the top.  I was already well over the distance posted.  I was not quite sure what to expect at the summit of a new trail.
I finally reached the summit and I immediately capture the proof.  This cairn needs some work.  I imagine as more people reach this place, the size of the cairn will grow.  I guess too, at some point grass and wildflowers will grow here.
I needed to take a load off and then load up on fuel.  It felt good just to sit, feel the breeze, savour my snacks, admire the scenery and just be.  I have no idea what range of mountains are across the valley in front of me here but they went on and on and on.
After investing time here, it was time for me to head on and on and on down.   I was glad to get back into the shade of the forest where I slowed my pace and let myself be bathed in the trees.  That's the new thing, forest bathing.   I needed a real bathing though after being covered in sweat, sunscreen and bug spray.   That would come after the gondolas down then the short drive back to my suite.

I don't feel I had enough of Golden, Roger's Pass or of Revelstoke.  These places need to go back onto my to do list as there are many more hike options to attack.  But, life goes on and tomorrow I hit the road again.  I am excited for what tomorrow and the days after bring.

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