Monday, August 13, 2018

Mount St Piran August 13, 2018

It's Monday, a free day, oh what should I do!  Last night I won my debate on that!  This would be the opportune day to hike up to Sentinel Pass which I have not done in years.  The photo banner at the top of my blog is from that Pass.  All the prep work was done before I lay my head on the pillow last night.  Fast forward to this morning.  I was in my car and on my way at 4:30am to secure a parking spot at the Moraine Lake Parking Lot.  I'm laughing, no traffic to speak of heading west, no traffic patrol in down town Lake Louse, the flashing sign is not even turned on, yes I'm laughing, I got this in the bag.  Leaving home at 4:30am, arriving at 6:30am I am getting that parking spot!   I arrived at the turn off for Moraine Lake Road and the road is closed, sign says full, patrol people waving everyone away.  I pulled up and spoke to the patrol person, he said come back in an hour and try again.  I said no I am going up to hike Mount St Piran instead.  I ended up with a bad attitude!  I was so disappointed!   I thought I am so over this place!  For a few seconds I considered just heading back home but then came to my senses, performed an illegal u-turn and went for the Louise Parking Lot which by now was filling fast.  
I geared up feeling disappointed and discouraged.  I fought my way through hoards of people as I head towards the trail head and by now it was still only 7:15am.  For a few seconds I considered just heading back home but came to my senses and worked my way passed the people.  I turned off towards the Little Beehive Trail and no one else followed.   Then the sky opened a bit and my mouth dropped open! Ah this was so pretty! 
the Big Beehive
the turn off for Mount St Piran
There was no one, well really, I could not tell if there was, I could see nothing through the fog and clouds.  I pushed higher and found my way up and out of the clouds and fog.  I could see across to Mount Fairview and down to the Big Beehive.  I thought it would have been a cool experience to be at the gazebo on the Big Beehive.
I hiked the switchbacks higher and then I could see the Little Beehive peeking through.
As I ascended even higher, I began to be become truly thankful for how today was transpiring.  By now I could hear voices behind me but I could see no one.  I could only see mountain tops peaking out above the cloud cover.
I was on the final stretch up over the scrabbly section where I could see out to the west towards the Icefield Parkway.  It was so incredibly beautiful, I had a hard time wrapping my head around what I was seeing.
I arrived at the summit and I was all by myself!  I could still hear people off in the distance.  I went for a summit shot.  I tried a few figuring I could get it so those white areas did not show on my pants, but no luck.  The lighting was crazy right now and I loved it.   After about 10 minutes a couple showed up with their mouths wide open.  They were from Connecticut and had never ever experienced anything like this.  They asked where are all the people.  I said all the people don't come up here.
We dined together as we watched the clouds dance.
We took turns taking photos of each other.  
Here is another summit shot.  
Another couple arrived so that made it five and that's all it was for our hour visit. The views became even more incredible when I did not think it possible.  I got dizzy from doing 360 degree spins.
The first couple left and then the second couple left.  
I owned the place for another little while.  
I took a few moments to think about the day so far.  
How fortunate I was!

I began the descent with many stops along the way.  
The clouds moved about forming frames around mountain peaks.  
I detoured out to the little ledge off the left not long after leaving the summit.
This looks like I am "on top of the world" and I feel like I am not just physically.
Finally it opened up enough that I could see Lake Louise.
I arrived back at Lake Louise and sat on a bench for a little while to finish off my food.
I am thankful for what I experienced today, the bad and the good.  It's a good thing the good came after the bad.  Vice Versa would have done me in forever here.  I am not sure what this area will hold in store for future summers or even for the coming larch season but I am feeling I don't want to be a part of it.  Right now I truly appreciate that I had an outstanding day here today and I want that as my memory of this place.  Thank you for today!


  1. Pure heaven!
    Alas, I cannot quite fathom your closing comment. Too many tourists, wildfire damage or other?

    1. Too many people including all us locals and the tourists. 5:30am Moraine Parking Lot full and Lake Louise full by 8:30am. Then all the people who are bused up from the Overflow Parking down the highway and that lot has been filing by late morning. Then all the people staying at the Chateau. You are no longer allowed on the Lake Louise Chateau property unless you are staying there. I always enjoyed strolling the gardens but no longer.


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