Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter Waters

Just like yesterday, once again I needed to test the waters before committing to spending an extended period of time being out & about. I believe this morning was the coldest temperature I have ever experienced. With layers of wool and down, from head to toe, I braved it early for fine scenery shots with little hassle of avoiding a multitude of folks. Lakes are a trending theme for this escape and this is the creek just before Lake Louise. I like when there is open water in winter.
Every winter an ice castle is built on Lake Louise and the area around it is maintained as a skating rink. I opted to leave my skates back at the suite for now, and chose to hike across the Lake, starting off by making my way through the ice castle door.
What's winter without a snow angel? Here's mine at the center of frozen, snow covered Lake Louise framed at the back by Mount Victoria.
With the proper gear on, I didn't mind being out & about. This was a pretty place to be this morning and I just wanted to feel the moment. By the end of the hike, my brown hair was frosty white, I felt invigorated and ready to get to another lake.
Before heading to my car, I checked out the ice sculptures in front of the Chateau from the contest a few weeks back. Figuring skating is my favourite Olympic sport. GO CANADA!
Just a half hour west of Lake Louise is another famous lake, Emerald Lake. Yes, a jewel this is! I ate my lunch in the warmth of my car before hitting the 5 km trail around the Lake. I expected to snowshoe but conditions favoured micro-spikes. The area needs new snow. More of that winter water afforded me a lovely reflection of the Lodge.
Emerald Lake was covered in cross country ski tracks but there were untouched sections in meadow areas of that dreamy pillowy snow.
At the far end of the Lake, there were options for skiers to head off in different directions that looked like this. I carried on with the Loop.
Nearing the end of the Loop, the trail passes by the cabins. Sure looks like lots of snow on the roof. Emerald Lake was a quiet place today. There were a dozen or so skiers and a handful of hikers.
I wasn't ready to call it a day yet, so aimed for Peaceful Pond adding on another 45 minutes. 
 It was peaceful and beautiful and led to more open water on the way back.
I safely found a way down to the creek side. 
 The lighting, mountain, trees, open water snow mounds and shadows made for such a scene.
What a view to end my visit to Emerald Lake on! These winter waters today were the tops. It seemed warmer now, it probably was, but everything I saw while out & about today really warmed my heart.


  1. Lovely photos. And lucky you! A photo of the ice castle with no other people!!

    1. Thank you Tanya! There were two couples and a lady and we each took turns having the ice castle to ourselves for our photos. Plus the guy just finished watering the rink and drove off out of the photo.


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