Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Great Scramble

I was disappointed arriving home from work yesterday to a message saying Saturday's snowshoe event will not be taking place.  I felt that disappointment for a very quick second, remembering that this week I was reminded how life can be short, so now I only had time for feeling happy so began to scramble on lining up a new objective.  By the time I lay my head on the pillow, my Saturday was re-planned.   

What I quickly scrambled together last evening was for an early morning snowshoe visit to Rawson Lake and then take time to explore a portion of Upper Kananaskis Lake.  My last visit to Rawson Lake was in 2010.  It's a long drive, a short route, a busy trail all which are none of my favourite things.  I can fill today with all my favourite things and find a renewed enjoyment of this area.

With my early arrival at the parking lot, there was one other person gearing up getting ready to snowshoe off.  Then I was off.  It was peaceful and beautiful.  The early morning light was gorgeous. 
I passed by the other soloist and made a quick scramble along the final flat section to make sure I was 1st at Rawson Lake on this 1st day of February.  Today was the prettiest I have ever seen this place looking.  It was picture perfect!  Pure white untouched snow, bright blue sky with scattered fluffy clouds, a dusting of snow on the trees and a magnificant mountain...all my favourite things! 
Rawson Ridge in the middle
looking back at where I arrived at the Lake
my destination shot
on Rawson Lake with Mount Sarrail behind me
It was still way too early for lunch, so after fully enjoying all the views, I aimed for the trees to begin the trip back down to Upper Kananaskis Lake.  I exchanged pleasantries with the other soloist and off I went.  This view looks dreamy and pillowy to me, and a view like this is now one of my favourite things.
Instead of taking the trail all the way back, I veered off, down over a small hill to the edge of Upper Kananaskis Lake and followed the shoreline.  I like wide open more than tree lined trails.  I could hear and see folks through the trees on the trail heading up to Rawson Lake.  I owned where I was out here on the edge!
Mother Nature's designs were phenomenal.
Deja Vu!  How is that hunk of snow balancing on that rock!
I know, the snow is covering an ice berg.
This was mesmerizing!
I literally laid down on the snow so I could have an up close and personal view.
I stayed on the edge of the Lake and instead of heading back to the car when I arrived below that area, I carried on around the Lake.  I didn't have enough of pretty yet to call it a day.   Such a fine view of the mountain range toward the Highwood Pass.  
This is crazy how the snow is covered in ice.
( a reminder that clicking on any photo will enlarge it)
The snow was deep on this side of Upper Kananaskis Lake with lots of big drifts around.  I was on my own and did not feel comfortable going any further so this was my turn around point.
Get my drift about the big drifts?
By the time I arrived back at my car, it was shortly after lunch time.  I geared down and then bundled back up, turned my car to where I had a front row view to wonderfulness and then dined.  I truly wanted to embrace today, I wanted this day to count and to mean something. I scrambled to make something happen and this is where that scrambling got me. 

I declare, I embraced today big time!


  1. great photos! Lucky to have such great weather and the trail to yourself.

    1. Thank you for dropping by! I think my timing was perfect yesterday for weather and lack of folks early morining.

  2. JUST AWESOME! Your words describing 'picture perfect' had my heart soaring and then the blog continued…….. wow!
    The sculptured ice is incredible.

    1. Helen, I hear there are even more incredible ice sculptures by another section of the Lake. I will have to go back sometime to find those.

    2. Please do! They are amazing. Nature is so spectacular.

  3. Wow, really awesome pictures.
    It was a great day. It started cloudy but by early afternoon the sun won the game and was shining powerful.
    We must have missed each other. We also visited Upper Kananaskis Lake on Saturday. We did not go as far as Rawson Lake because of our low fitness level. But we enjoyed walking along the shore and soaking up the great view.

    1. Ute, I checked out your post and tried to read your write up but for some reason the translate function is not working. I wonder what time you were around the Lake, I may have seen you in the distance.

    2. Not sure, because time is not important for us when we enjoy ourselves. I think around 1-2pm.

  4. Gorgeous pics, Alexandra! They look like paintings! I'm always amazed at how a place can look so completely different, at different times of the year. Cheers.


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