Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweet Silence

I'm enjoying being just a hop, skip and a jump from trail heads. My wake up hours have been filled with luxuriating, I'm not tired from a long drive on not so nice roads, I can leave my home away from home geared up and ready to rock the day. When I arrived at the Pipestone parking lot, a solo skier was just getting on her way. I was the second vehicle. All day, one solo skier who I never did see once she was gone, and me a solo snowshoer. It was sweet silence all day near Lake Louise in Banff National Park, now there's an oxymoron for ya!

This morning's temperature was more human-like. No testing waters, I went in fully committed for a longer stretch out. The plan was a bigger loop, no out and back today. After climbing the metal stairs, passing through the metal door, down the stairs on the other side, I was then on my way. I snowshoed along a hiking trail and the view opened up pretty quick to Lake Louise Village seeming to be at the base of Mount Temple.
I was afforded a wide open view further along.
I wasn't sure where this trail was taking me. I knew I wanted to be at Mud Lake. There were no signs now. I aimed for a light opening through the trees and arrived at this meadow.  No lake here!
I checked my GPS then had an idea of where I needed to be so headed off in that direction.
I intersected a ski trail with signs and it pointed me to Mud Lake. 
 Not only was it sweet silence, the snow was sugar sweet too. 
 This is my destination shot at yet, another lake.
I picked a scenic flat trail to carry on along. 
 The views were nice. 
 I was thinking how pretty and peaceful Pipestone is today.
With views like this, I will need to come back one day with my cross country skis. 
 These are my kind off ski trails.
These two trees were standing alone in an open meadow and grabbed my attention.
I arrived at Pipestone Pond,which is one of the biggest ponds I ever saw. Someone sure was happy to be here. This smiley face exactly depicts my sentiments. I stopped for a visit and to soak up the scene.
I still had a few kilometers ahead of me. I knew there was snow in the forecast for this afternoon and this cloud over Temple looked ominous. Not really wanting this sweet silence to end anytime soon, I bit the dust and picked up the pace to make sure I got back safely....
....and so I could get back to my home away from home, sit by the fire and watch the snow fall outside. This new snow should make for lovely snowshoeing somewhere. Hmmm, what lake should I rock tomorrow!

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