Saturday, February 15, 2014

Here's the story.....

Here's the story of four lovely ladies.
Who believe they are hardcore to the bone.
They set out for a day of fun and laughter.
By the end were so thankful to be home!

I put a shout out to see if any friends would be strapping on the snowshoes today and was happy to see some were, and they were game to include me.   We decided on a jaunt to Fox Lake.  I hit that area November 23rd and was curious to see how much more snow there would be this time around. 

We were early to the lot and first on the trail.  We made fine time getting to the top of the lower portion of the Hydroline.   For me, after that section, is now where it all begins.  We descended down to the forest following the official snowshoe signs along the early part of Elk Pass.  We then followed  along side the ski trail section to the picnic table.   
A few minutes past the picnic table is the metal post that means O.K. ladies now the work begins.  Tall Tales' forte is breaking trail for great distances and how thankful the rest of us were for that.  We took a few moments for photo ops here.  I am tall myself, and this is the depth we had to contend with.  
Oh to be so light and just quickly skip across the top of the snow!
We picked out objectives to aim for along the way.  
Here we need to get to that small dark square in the center.
It felt like we were being drawn in by a vortex!
We made our way through that and came out on the other side.
Looking back.
We reached British Columbia.  
Just to show how much more snow there is, here is a then and now.

November 23, 2013
February 15, 2014
Here we are at the kiosk welcoming us to B.C.!
We know where Fox Lake is, we know where we are suppose to go to get there but today we took an unplanned oooops along the one kilometer route.  We were not quick to realize the snowshoe tracks we spotted over there were ours and we had just completed a loop and landed back to where we started.  My only concern when I saw those tracks was "sh** we are not going to be first to the lake!"  We had a good laugh!

We got back on track and made it to Fox Lake.
This is my destination shot.  
We settled down to dine.  I was famished and thoroughly enjoyed my quinoa cooked in coconut water, italian baked chicken pieces, egg salad in raisin bread sandwich, a Babybel original, topped off with a booze ball from Short Stop.  Of course, being winter, hot tea was paired with all this.  

Before hitting the trail back, we took time to have a short snowshoe race.  
The winners were:  Tall Tales, Nikita, Making Waves, Short Stop
We were all winners!
Afterall, those that play together stay together.
No oooops on the way back.  By now, it had warmed up and there was blue sky.
There you have the Continental Divide.
Instead of returning the way we came, we opted to add more elevation by heading along Patterson which would bring us out to the Hydroline.  We had such a nice view from this trail.  Normally this is a groomed ski trail but today there was no sign of that and once again Tall Tales broke trail the entire way. 
We followed this tree line down.  
We completed our big loop, then just needed to follow along the trail we made early in the morning.
Then reach the lower section of the Hydroline and beeline to the bottom.  
Close to seven hours later, we were pleasantly depleted and glad it was over!

There you have the story of four lovely ladies!


  1. I so enjoyed this ... I love your photos and the detail you add to your story! What a great day, you would have slept well, I'm pretty sure. Look forward to seeing these each time. Enjoy your Sunday!

    1. Thank you Mary! I did sleep well through the night plus a few more hours on Sunday.

  2. That's a good long day with tennis racquets strapped on your feet, I'm suitably impressed!! Love the destination shot.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog - it turns out I messed up and had a comment linking permission turned off but it's on now. Your sidebar seems to be full to bursting with places I might like to visit....I may be stealing your ideas for quite a while :)


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