Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Page Day 4 am, April 23, 2013

Page, Arizona
Day 4 am
South Coyotte Buttes
April 23, 2013

Here I sit at the intersection of Highway 89 and House Valley  Rock Road in Utah.  I'm waiting for the guide from Kanab.  He was successful yesterday in getting permits to hike in the South Coyotte Buttes today.  We would spend the morning visiting Paw Hole and hiking Cottonwood Cove in South  Coyotte Buttes then move on to another area after lunch.  I was so very thankful for being able to be where I was.  I kept telling myself this is for real, it is not a dream.  Once he picked me up, I signed the waiver then we carried on down House Rock Valley Road. We agreed we were in for fabulous when in a matter of five minutes of picking me up, we came across these birds blocking the road.  He had never seen these birds in the many times he has driven into this area.  We took it as a good omen.  The drive along this Road was wild and crazy.  There is no way my Soul would have made it.  We arrived at our destination.  The scenery was beautiful right from the start.  Yes, this for real, I told myself again.  After hiking, we came back to the Suburban, made lunch, then sat in the shade to savour our meal.  He said the afternoon would be just as pretty but in a very different way.  I could hardly wait!


  1. What are the birds? Another fabulous day.


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