Sunday, April 21, 2013

Page Day 2 pm, April 21, 2013

Page, Arizona
Day 2 pm
Lower Antelope Canyon
April 21, 2013

Lower Antelope Canyon is the less frequented of the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons. I am not sure why, it could be that it does not have those famous beams of light shining in, or it may be because it is not as easy to maneuver through.  I wanted to go mid to later afternoon with hopes of capturing vibrant colors which I guess you don't get at earlier times in the day.  For close to two hours, it was just me, the guide and seven others.  I tried to figure out before hand what camera settings I should use.  I was confused and not sure which settings would be best. I read some reviews and many folks said the guides know every camera, and would help with what would work for your camera.  I asked for assistance and got it.  I changed the ISO, did something with the white balance, picked a shutter speed and leaned against a wall for extra stability when taking the photos.  I wasn't sure what I was seeing when I looked through the view finder.  I knew I was seeing colors and shapes which I wasn't seeing with my naked eye.  I have so much to learn about photography.  When I got back to my room and downloaded the photos, I was shocked.  The vibrant colors were exactly what I wanted.  This is just a very small sample of the many, many, many amazing photos I came out of that canyon with.  I felt confident now that I would also have success in the Upper Antelope Canyon tomorrow.

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