Saturday, April 6, 2013

Foggy Delight

What is one to do with only a few hours to spare, plus when the weather report says "not nice", add to the mix a lack of interest for long distance & high elevation, then on top of all that yet,  still having the desire to be "out & about!"  One still goes out!  Actually two still go out!  We don't drive far, we make closer up photography the priority, and we take the opportunity to get up-to-date on our pasts, presents and pursuits.  

This was about as far as we could see in front of us at Middle Lake which was our trail head in Bow Valley Provincial Park.   This is why the choice was to focus on close up today.  There is a sight to see here on a clear day.
My January 12, 2013 photo from the same spot. 
We aimed for the forest which would bring us out at the far side of Middle Lake.  What a delight to see the busy beavers once we arrived there.  This beaver appeared to be intrigued with its reflection.  We spent quite a bit of time watching four of them go about their business.
I wasn't feeling that inspired by the scenery then reminded myself to focus on up close, there is beauty, just take time, look around, breathe and it will appear.   Then, there it was!  The gold & red line in the center all of a sudden popped out at me and created such a pretty reflection.  
The temperature read 0 Celsius but it felt much, much colder.  It was that maritime cold that chills you to the bone.  I had more layers on then I wear snowshoeing during a cold winter day.  Thank goodness there was no wind and due to this, we were afforded calm waters with reflection upon reflection.   
The same shot as above but with a focus on the crimson color.  
While circling Many Springs, a rustle in the bushes ahead startled me, then all of a sudden a bird with a massive wing span takes flight.  A true photographer would have been camera-ready to capture this.  Neither of us were, neither of us even tried to take a photo.  We could only watched in awe as this bird soared slowly above and around us.  Once home I google large birds found in this area and determined it was an osprey.  

After admiring the Many Springs area, we then veered off to follow the Bow River Trail.  The fog still hung low so we had no views of the mountains that line the far side of the river.  Lucky for us our timing was perfect being here today.  We took delight in watching the trumpeter swans.  They along with the ducks, serenaded us as we dined at a picnic table in the campground.
At lunch, I layered on my last available layer.  It didn't help much, I was already chilled to the bone and even the hot tea didn't work its wonders.  We dined then dashed!  We checked out the theatre, made a short bear presentation then hit the Moraine Trail which lead us back to Middle Lake and finally to the trail head and our car.  

There, I proved foggy can be a delight!  
One just needs to be open to it!
Or I should say two...
...and we were!


  1. Excellent photos. It won't be long now before we can begin building greater elevation and stow the snowshoes. The days are getting longer. I hope you have exciting plans for the summer. My list has exceeded the time available but I'm looking forward to trying to get it all done. Perhaps we shall cross paths on the trail one day. Take care. Stay safe.

  2. I love the feeling in the April 6 photo to that of the January 12. The refections are perfect. Do the swans migrate during winter?

  3. Had some spare time so have just read your Monarch Ramparts and Healy Pass July 2011.
    Magnificent views, colour, skies! Wow, wow, wow.


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