Saturday, April 20, 2013

Page Day 1 - April 20, 2013

Page, Arizona
Day 1
Arrived & Horseshoe Bend
April 20, 2013

I thought this day would never come.  I first heard of Page and Lake Powell, Arizona in 2010 while on a canyoneering trip near Zion National Park in Utah. From what was described to me on that May day, I made the decision then, that I needed to pay this place a visit.  What confirmed that decision, was realizing how much there would be to do and see in the area. Three years later, here I am!

It was a 3:30am start to the day. I flew into Denver, Colorado and from there, caught a connecting flight on Great Lakes Aviation to Page, Arizona.  I picked up my car, bought groceries, checked into my room, ditched the luggage, grabbed my camera and drove a few minutes south on 89 to Horseshoe Bend.  I found a spot I could own, remembered to breathe, gave thanks, then was ready to make the most of every moment.
I have seen many folks photos of Horseshoe Bend and I wanted to have one I could call mine.  It was not the best time of day for lighting to get the optimal shot but that did not matter to me, I'm here and that felt like WOW.  I went for my shot.  I laid down on a flat section, shimmied along inch by inch closer to the edge, peered over, my heart skipped a beat, I shook, stretched my arms out holding on tightly to my camera, then got my shot. It's my photo, my very own photo of Horseshoe Bend.  
Visiting here on my first day in Page set the tone for my vacation. 
I walked down along the trail to my car feeling on a high.  
Now it was time to go to my room, unpack and settle down for the evening.    

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  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! - and what a shot it is. Spectacular.


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