Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas The Day Before......

.....Christmas and all through the Park, lots of creatures were stirring, even a coyote!
I really wanted to head to the big mountains today to celebrate "Twas the day before Christmas" but after checking out highway road reports and reading about all the vehicle accidents, I played it safe and remained in the city.  Also, I would prefer not to get into another accident while still waiting for the repairs to be made to my car from the previous accident.  I opted to hit a hill!  Nose Hill!  Less then five minutes into my hike, I noticed a coyote noticed me.  I debated whether to abandon my mission as I was somewhat nervous but carried on while continuously checking over my shoulder.   
It has been awhile since I visited Nose Hill and these new maps were a pleasant surprise.  
They are situated  throughout the Park.
I always find something different each and every time I hike here.  
I took a different trail today and came upon this array of cairns. 
While only a Hill, standing beside this cairn, I felt like I accomplished reaching a summit.  
So I went ahead and added today to my Peakery Profile.  
Oooops, I forgot to get my summit shot!
It was a very cold and frosty day!  
I may look cold but I am warm and comfortable and loving this hike!
Further into my hike, in the wide open area, I noticed another coyote had noticed me.  
I stood my ground, made noise, and that coyote took off like a scardy cat!
I made my way to the opposite side of Nose Hill from which I started, and where I found a little forest so strolled through it.  This tepee has a bench inside and looks like it could be a pleasant place to sit and have a snack one day.  
There are now many more benches throughout the Park.  A few have memorial plaques placed on them.  I took a moment at this one thinking "my gosh you left us way too soon".   A fellow mountain lover I see!  I hope his family and friends could find comfort in the fact he was living out his passion.  (Click on image for larger view.)
Mr Frost!  I'm sure you would have hiked these trails on days like this! 
Know others are enjoying the wonderful view from this very spot where your bench sits.
After 10 kilometers, I had that fulfilled feeling!  
I made it back home safely and stayed put. 
Warm home! Warm heart!  

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