Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ribbon Worthy

As last evening approached, I suddenly had a change of heart on how I wanted today to play out. After verifying all conditions for west of the city and seeing that everything from weather, roads, trails were forecast as prime, I jumped into action and went in search of my X-C Ski gear.  It was time!  Graduation took place and the gear moved on up from my basement to my front door.  I did not want my Saturday to pass on by without having something worthy to show for it.  I  knew what I would be doing, I just did not know exactly where yet.  I would leave that in the hands of the knowledgeable!

I stopped in at the Barrier Information Visitor Center for advice.  I came away with a map and a plan.  Ribbon Creek trails would be well worthy to hit for my first X-C Ski trip of the season.  Once I got going on the trail and had this view ahead of me, it didn't take long to realize this was the perfect place to be.     
I shared the trail with a few others who appeared much more experienced.  I was proud to announce to them that I was a newbie and practicing what I learned.  Such supportive skiers they were giving me thumbs up and words of encouragement and confidence builders.  I reached the end of the safe area, stopped for a few minutes, took some photos then turned to make my way back.  The view was spectacular.
I enjoyed the return trip as it was a very, very, very gradual down hill and I was able to pick up my speed.  The depth and width of the track was perfect for me, no sliding back and forth within the track and no sliding out of the track.  I enjoyed glidding along side the creek and seeing the mushrooms of snow on top of the rocks.  
This is not a sport that is conducive to photography along the way if you want to keep to any kind of skiing rhythm at all.  I will need to work on trying not to be enticed by the beautiful scenery, just enjoy it as I go and take away mental photographs.

I waited until the end for my ski-stop-shot.
The X O formation shows I loved today! 
I'm happy with how my first X-C Ski trip of the season played out.  
I feel I am worthy of a ribbon for today's accomplishment.

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