Friday, December 7, 2012

Frosty Friday at The Ranch

I haven't taken the time lately when I have been out and about to practice with my camera features.  I realize to invest the time needed to do this, I have to be out by myself.  That was today's plan, go to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park by myself, play photographer and have a great day in the park!
I arrived shortly after the sun came up and I was the second vehicle in the parking lot.  
The lighting was gorgeous as I checked out the area by the Visitor Center.  
Tiger Lily is my favourite so headed to that trail head.
This is one of the easier corrals to fit through.
Tree-lined Tiger Lily Trail
Exiting Tiger Lily and heading towards Badger Bowl.
If it wasn't for the small amount of snow on the Badger Bowl Trail and the cold temperature, this view is pretty much the same as a late summer early autumn day.  I was surprised at the lack of snow.  I was hoping for more.  That just means I will have to go back when then is more snow.  
It is at this point that I realized I wouldn't be taking as much time as planned to play with the camera features.  It was too cold to leave my mittens off for any length of time.  I also hit a button of which one I am not sure (and much, much later after trying to figure it out, I am still not sure) and could not get the lighting on the landscape setting to work properly.   I used other settings and I'm still happy with the outcome.  

After completing Badger Bowl, I headed east.
I'm now in the wide open area with big sky views.
Frosty Fence
Autumn meets Winter
Glenbow Trail
I substituted experimenting with camera settings, with practicing with composition.  
I came up with a fitting title for this photograph "a western-style frame for the Rocky Mountains".
This is my favourite photo of the day!
After over three hours of exploring both with the trails and with taking photos and covering more then 10 kilometers, it was time to hit the trail that leads back to the parking lot.  I came off Yodel, looked back thinking "yes this was a golden day" then made my way back to the Glenbow Trail for the climb home.    
I noticed a short trail near the Visitor Center that I hadn't noticed in the past.  It was not fenced off, so I walked down it only to discover a wonderful little picnic area.  Every time I visit Glenbow Ranch I discover something new.  I'm not sure if these large fire places are new or if I just passed by them each time not realizing they even existed.

fire place
fire place
Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park wishes you a "great day at the park" and I had exactly that!

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  1. We love Glenbow Ranch and Tiger Lily trail in particular - it's a great length for toddlers and preschoolers with a lot to see along the way. I love your Big Sky photo. :D

    A good tip for photographing in the cold is to use a lightweight pair of windstopper gloves - you can pair it with a pair of ski mitts over top if it's really cold. I also carry hand warmers that I can tuck in my gloves if I need.

    Do you have an email signup for your blog? I'd like to follow you


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