Monday, December 31, 2012

An Ending With Meaning

My "Out & About" kick off to 2012  was an early morning X-C Ski excursion in Banff and I chose the same to polish off "being out there" and to ring out 2012.  I picked the Spray River Trail as the track to make all this happen.   It is located in beautiful Banff National Park where the scenery is attention capturing.  I was up and out the door early and happy to see only three vehicles already in the parking lot by the time I arrived. I geared up, took off, glided on.

This trail was just the right distance for today.

The trail had just enough short ups and downs.

This is just one of many of those attention capturing scenes I enjoy so much.
The intersection of the Goat Creek Trail, Spray River East and Spray River West Trails was the ideal spot for my ski-stop-shot.  I took some time to appreciate being where I was.  It was warm with no wind, it was quiet with no folks. While savouring the scenery, I sipped on raspberry zinger tea which I paired with some delectable delights.  It was beautiful here, but what else would you expect, it is Banff. 
I am not as knowledgeable on all the terminology the advanced X-C skiers use to describe in detail the conditions and equipment.  I do know what I enjoy, what works for me, and how to describe my experience.  As I was nearing the end of my excursion, I took a final look back at the trail, at where I chose to ring out 2012.  I collected some thoughts so I could write my kind of version of detailed conditions and equipment.
This is my trip report!

I liked that this trail was wide with two sets of tracks. 
My waxless skis afforded me ideal control of speed.
The tracks were deep enough that I did not slide out of them.

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