Saturday, December 18, 2010

What It Takes!

What does it take for you to get into the spirit of this holiday season?  I am sure if I asked everyone of you, the responses would be general to a certain extent, yet each with an added touch of uniqueness.   My mission for today was to find that spirit and let it surround me and fill me and lift me!  The place where I knew I could make this happen was snowshoeing to Chester Lake!

Cold means holiday season to me!
-29 Celsius, -20 Fahreheit
Decorated trees, even if it is just with snow!
lots of snow
Wrapped presents are nice but not necessary!
pretty red bows
Festive attire makes me smile!
my holiday hat
Spending time with friends and family!
 my friends
We were the first to be on the snowshoeing trail to Chester Lake this morning.  The trail was covered in more new snow that sparkled because the sun shone so bright from the clear blue sky.  We worked our way up through the forest, across the meadows, past the lake and on up to the Elephant Rocks then actually up onto the biggest elephant rock of all to have lunch.  We owned this rock for about 30 minutes in the sunshine.  Thanks to, (O.K. I am going to have to find a name for you),  for lending a hand with our ascent onto and descent off of this rock.  We made a quick trip back to the car taking the odd detour here and there trying to run through deep powder.  By now I am feeling totally surrounded, filled and lifted!

It was still early enough that we topped off the day around the table sharing snacks, drinks and laughs.  This only added to lifting my spirits, and much to my surprise, even my holiday hat felt it!
There is one last thing for me that has to happen before the full effect of this special time of year can take place!  I have to believe!   This is my new tree decoration.  At the end of today, feeling the way I felt, how could I not believe!
Now it's your turn!  What does it take for you to get into the spirit of this holiday season?  


  1. Hello!
    Love all your photos as always! I too "Believe".....for me it's thinking of my family and all my wonderful friends that I have been blessed to know throughout my life.....
    enjoy your Holiday season!! (Send me an email sometime when you can!!)

  2. Fantastic post!! I haven't been out snowshoeing yet this year and I'm dying!! So jealous of your trip to Chester - it looks so beautiful!

    Have a great Holiday!!

  3. Wonderful Post!
    I very much enjoyed following along in spirit and the especially liked the shadow image of you and your friends. :)

  4. Great pictures. -29°C, I cannot imagine such temperature.


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