Friday, December 31, 2010

Snowshoe On Top of the World

Ever since hiking on Sunshine Meadows a couple of summers ago, I really wanted to see what the meadows looked like in the winter.   Along with that, I really wanted to end 2010 doing something I love to do and being in a place I love to be.  How fitting then, to "Snowshoe On Top of the World" today!

This area is on top of the Banff Sunshine Ski Hill, and borders Alberta and British Columbia.  You need to take the Gondola to Sunshine Village then ride the Standish Chairlift even higher and this is where you end up!  Picture perfect!
As soon as we arrived, and I looked around to where I could see forever, I smiled and that smile was still there when I walked through my door at home tonight and I am sure I went to sleep smiling!
While there were snowshoe trails all over the place, the meadow is so large, we went for uncharted territory finding new, fresh, untouched powder, all within a safe boundary.  It was fun to be in the company of folks who have never experienced this before.  They were tentative at first, they watched and then it didn't take long before they joined in and embraced the snow!
After playing around for awhile, we then followed a trail up a little hill, around a big corner and down a little hill to the quinzhee entrance.  Around the whole inside was a ledge to sit on.    It felt cozy, warm and oh so quiet.  We shared a toast to our experience with hot chocolate and cookies.  The quinzhee still needs a little more work but that will come when more snow comes.
The sky had that late afternoon look as we crossed over wide open spaces.  We saw the attendants close the chairlift so we knew we had the slope to ourselves.   Instead of taking the chairlift down to the Village to hop the Gondola, we went for a long, winding, fast, crazy carpet joy ride.  On any given day, the Gondola runs until 5:30pm with an exception of Fridays, it runs until 10:00pm.
I took one last look back at where I had been and could not believe it when I saw Mount Assiniboine light up the sky.  That Mountain wasn't visible all day.  That sight reenforced my smile and reaffirmed that I want to come back again one day!
I feel fortunate getting to do what I love to do, where I love to do it,  and for having an amazing last day of a year that was amazing!


  1. Wow, quinzhee and crazy carpets :-)

  2. Amazing, wonderful. If I had to imagine the heaven it looked like those places, mainly the last 2 pictures.
    Thanks for showing an unknown world for me.
    Happy new year.

  3. Happy New Year Alexandra! Breathtaking views once again...amazing!

  4. Cookies, coffee, not to mention a great view! Picture postcard photo from the Sunshine Ski Hill!

  5. Thanks for sharing your blog with me.


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