Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Terrific Tubing Today

Sometimes I question my sanity when I make certain choices in my life!  A year ago, when I first read about tubing at Mt. Norquay, I thought that might be a fun thing to try.  It was a passing thought at the time, never to be thought of again until I came across the website again a few weeks ago.  I added it to my to-do list for while I was off on Christmas vacation.  Well, here it is Christmas vacation, and here I am tubing!  Am I insane or what?
I arrived for the 11:00 am start!  I wanted to be one of the first on the tracks and I wanted to beat the crowd.  I got two runs in (is that what they are even called runs?  Maybe they are called slides or could they be tubes), anyway, I got two in and then the line ups started.  You can take the easy way up sitting in your tube which gets attached to a tow rope as you can see on the right or you can walk up as you can see in the  middle of the photo.  There is a designated walking up lane.  I did both a few times each.   It was much quicker to walk up but it was tiring, this was steeper then it looks.   I just wanted to get back on that tube as quick as possibly and speed down the hill.  Am I insane or what?
This time I took the tow rope up.  
When I tried to paint a picture of what this event might be like, I had hoped to be able to get four runs in and I would be happy with that.  Today I did seven!  The first five were roughly between 49 to 50 km/hr and I went down straight.  The last two were over 51 km/hr and I had asked the guy to spin me and give a good push.  Am I insane or what?
After just over an hour, I was content and felt fulfilled.  Even though I had paid for two hours, one was enough.  I got my pack from the car, sat on the deck with the fire place to my side and enjoyed my lunch watching others enjoy themselves.
As I ate and watched, I questioned my sanity, again on what I just did!  I thought about it and was able to come up with an answer to all this questioning!  I have concluded that I am sane!  I love life and live it large!  Now!  What next!


  1. What next? Climbing! Canyoneering!

  2. Over 51 km/hr? Be careful!
    It's a fun thing to try during Christmas holiday :)

    May you have a wonderful new year!


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