Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Final Tally

Like the chart title says, I covered lots of ground in 2010!  I didn't have any set goal in mind for year end numbers.  These are just the result of wanting to be active and wanting to enjoy life and live it large.
I went into the year with the intentions of tracking distance covered when I was out and about doing one thing or the other, just for curiosity sake.  As autumn approached, I became curious as to how much elevation I completed so far this year, so I went back through all my hiking and snowshoeing trips and came up with the number.  I was totally shocked and did a recount two and three times.  I carried on recording the elevation of each trip for the balance of the year and also added 100 meters for tomorrow which is an approximate number for the trip I have planned.  While elevation numbers are not something I go after even though I do like to go higher, it is more about the scenery and the company.  I think, though, next year I will try and keep some kind of better record then what I have posted here.

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  1. Impressive! My goal was to beat my numbers from 2009, but that didn't happen. For 2010, I'm sitting at approximately 500km of hiking and just over 30km of elevation gain.


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