Saturday, August 21, 2010

Waterton Weekend Was WOW! Evening at the Campsite

Crandell Campground was home for my friends last night and I would be joining them for this night.  I don't have all the equipment yet, so a friend loaned me this Hubba Hubba tent.  I set up my inflatable matt, sleeping bag and hung my new lantern.   It's best to get that done before nightfall.
We got a fire going and placed our camp chairs around it.  The picnic table was full of delicious food and wine.  We had a potluck which included chile, sausages, salads, buns, fruit, spaghetti, hamburgers, veggies and dip, and rice.   I tried a little bit of just about everything and after that I needed to walk some of it off to make room for desert.
While some stayed back at base camp, a few of us drove down the road to hike Red Rock Canyon before sunset.  On the way, we saw a brown black bear with her cub bouncing along behind.   Boy it was cute, it was very small and at times was almost lost in the tall grass.
We quickly hiked the Canyon up one side and down the other.  You can see why it is called Red Rock Canyon.
The hike wasn't really long enough to burn off any dinner but what the heck, I had to try some new things.  The first was a roasted marshmellow filled with baileys.  We had a pro preparing these!  I also tried a crepe filled with chocolate and marshmellow that had been roasted over the camp fire.  That was enough for me.  A little more wine, a trip to the washroom and it was time to call it a day at 11:00 pm.   I was prepared for a sleepless night seeing as this was the first time I would be camping out like this sleeping in a tent by myself!   Well, I remember laying my head on the pillow and that was it!

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  1. Hehe, I alwasy find that too - sleep after a day of hiking and you don't wake up until morning :-). Campfire crepes sound grand too!


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