Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mount Bourgeau August 15, 2010

Today I was pleasantly surprised to realize that hiking 24.5 kilometers with 1500 meters of elevation was not challenging or difficult at all.  Maybe today I was at the top of my game when we hiked to Bourgeau Lake, then on to Harvey Pass and up to the summit of Mount Bourgeau.  

The elevation started right at the trailhead when we had to climb these three stairs and go through this door.  This is a barrier to keep the wild life in. This is another way of telling us to stick close together and make lots of noise.
It was surprising how fast the first seven kilometers went.  It seemed we reached Bourgeau Lake in no time with not much effort and it was a continuous gradual ascent.  From here, when we looked up, we had an idea of where we would be in just a couple of hours.  This was a good spot to stop for a few minutes for a snack.
As most of you already know, I always notice reflections and today I was noticing shadows too.  Today's sky was perfect for creating lots of both.  The shadows casted on the mountains were more prominent the further up we climbed.  
At this point, we are making the last push to the summit.  I'm still feeling strong  I don't have that emotional and physical spent feeling and wonder if I could have carried on even further and higher if the opportunity was there today.
I wonder if today was the highest I have ever been physically while hiking in the Canadian Rockies!   When we were on the summit of Mount Bourgeau the view looked so different.  I could see so many layers.  I use the word "layers" for lack of a better term.   It was not just 3 dimensional but more like 4 or even 5 dimensional.  I was quite taken with this today, and lots of photos were taken too of the layers.  I especially liked the different color of each layer.  

We reached the summit and this would be our lunch stop. I had a hard time just sitting down and relaxing.  I was amazed at where I was and what I was seeing.   I placed a stone for someone.  It could be you that finds it one day!  If you come upon it, be sure to let me know!  I got my summit jump out of the way.  I have learned it is better to do it before I eat.   We had a lengthy visit on the summit!  That's the best kind of visit especially when the conditions are ideal.  You can see Banff in the valley far below me.  
This was one of my favourite scenes of the day!  It shows many layers and a lake and the lake leads to a waterfall.  I think this is Harvey Lake.   
We hiked for just over 10 hours.  That is making pretty good time for a, just about 25km, hike.  A couple of my buddies needed a double double for the long drive home.  I needed a blueberry bloom!  That was the icing on a very loveable day!


  1. I've never seen those blueberry bloom things. Congrats if this was the highest that you've hiked!

  2. I am wordless. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful! You dance on the world.


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