Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Big Kid at Heart

Today I let loose and let the inner child in me come out to play!  The last time I was at  Calaway Park was 26 years ago on my first visit ever to Calgary.   I didn't remember much and the only part that looked familiar was what I see from the highway every time I head to the mountains.  What a bright, cheerful, colorful place!  
Lil K was my playmate for the day!  She knows her way around this place and was able to lead me around whether she was being the driver or which direction to go for the next best ride.  I realized, my stomach can no longer handle the round and round and up and down and round and round  and on and on motion that I use to be fine with.  Lil K was fine to do these kinds all by herself, after all, she is a big girl now.  
Her favourite rides were ones with polka dots and preferably pink polka dots.
I did get to ride a big boy ride, Lil K's term for The Vortex!  
We had our picnic lunch where we got to watch the rides.  We shopped in the candy store and topped the day of with ice cream.  We had perfect weather for our play date and I agreed with her when we were walking out the front gate at the end of our day and she stated "I had a great day!"  I did too! 

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