Saturday, August 21, 2010

Waterton Weekend Was WOW! Crypt Lake Hike

This weekend was my introduction to hiking/camping!  I would like to think I passed with flying colors, but I learned that I have a lot to learn!  The experience was more than the full meal deal, it had free added extras.  I learned too that hiking/camping is something I want to include in my lifestyle.  Thank you to Agent-X and the others for making me feel so welcome, offering advice and suggestions and for lending a hand with making it the best possible experience for a newbie!

The sunrise on the drive to Waterton Saturday morning just had to be a sign for the weekend. This would not have appeared as gorgeous if the air was clear of smoke from the B.C. forest fires.  It was shortly past here where the air cleared, the sky turned blue and you could see forever.
The plan for Saturday was to hike Crypt Lake.   We arrived in time to purchase our ticket for the 9:00 am boat that would take us 3km to the trail head on the other side of Waterton Lake.  The dock was a happening place this morning so two boats were brought in to leave around 9:00.  We boarded, we sailed off, we docked, we hiked!  Just like that!  We hiked like we were on a mission, which was to get out of the trees to the wide open area where we would have views.  This hike is famous for a certain section along the trail which involves climbing up a steel ladder which is secured to the mountain side.  You then step off the ladder into a tunnel where you need to crouch and move along coming out the other end where you grab hold of a chain and keep holding on while you walk a ledge.  Once this section is complete it is just another 10 minutes to Crypt Lake.   The first glimpse was beautiful!
We took about 30 minutes for lunch at the Lake.   I found the perfect spot here to place a special stone.  I wonder if it will still be there if I hike here again next year.  After lunch, we went for a stroll around the lake stopping to take photos often. 
The lake took on many different looks depending on which direction you were admiring it from.  The flowers were in full bloom on this side.  If you look closely, you can see hikers crossing the snow on the far side.
We are at the south end of the lake when I took this photo.  That means I am standing in Montana in the United States.  Almost right where that cloud reflection is, is the border between Canada and United States.
Once back at the north end of the lake, we packed up our gear and headed back along the trail.  This is the line up at the chain section which leads into the tunnel. Yes, it was a busy day here!
We took our time for part of the time on the return trip to admire the colors and the flowers.
We arrived back at the boat dock at 3:57 for the 4:00 boat.  Luckily it was running a few minutes late.   The boat that arrived was larger and was able to take everyone that was waiting to return to the townsite.  We boarded, we sailed off, we docked, we walked!  Off to our cars to take care of a few errands before heading to Crandell Campground.  I thought the day was perfect and it wasn't even over yet!


  1. This was truly my first ever hike and now that it has been completed, if I would have known the extent of the "expedition" - I might have had second thoughts. However truly amazing.

    Once you clear the trees you are ready for the upper switchbacks over mostly stone. The hike really starts at this point.

    We got dropped off by the 10am "taxi" and just made it back for a 5:30 pickup by 10 minutes.

    Next time I will have bear spray for sure as you never know what youre going to encounter on the trails - beside squirrels.

    Our Captain on the way back asked if we saw any bears as the 4:00pm pickup had an encounter and had to use Bear Spray which is good up to 30 ft.

    Next time I will take the 9:00 am water taxi so to enjoy the sights a bit more as we were rushed a bit. 14.2 km's and 7 hours later.

    Waterton rocks !!!

    1. Hi Anonymous, Then that was a good thing you did not know what to expect! It is a beautiful place to visit and so glad you can now look at your experience as being amazing! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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