Saturday, May 15, 2010

Riverside Walk (May 9)


I really wanted to hike The Narrows while I was in Zion but conditions were too dangerous and it was closed. The river was flowing at 400 cubic feet per second and they only open it for hiking when it flows at 140 cubic feet per second for 24 hours straight. They say it is usually open by the middle of May but the way it is looking it could be the first of June this year. The Riverside Walk is a beautiful trail about 3km in distance round trip, which follows the river and leads to where the river hike would start.
There were trails off the main one, that led to the river to get a closer view and a sense of how strong and mighty it is. I can only imagine how beautiful the canyon walls are further down the Narrows.
You don't want to get in the way, the river takes no mercy and will take with it whatever it may!
At the far end of the trail are stairs that lead into the river to start the hike when it is safe.
I wanted to put my feet in The Narrows! For as long as it takes to have my picture taken, I stepped in! It was strong and very cold!
I can't say I hiked The Narrows but it did caress my feet!

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  1. At those very steps is where I had to turn around as well. It would be so nice to be able to peek around a few more corners in the Narrows at least.


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