Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Giving Back!

SOLD! To a 40 something year old male! Because transfers are not permitted for this race, he has to run as me. It will be my name that is called out over the loud speaker as he crosses the finish line! I'm sorry it has to be this way for him!

I feel on the sad side that I am not running and really wanted to be a part of this great race! I can still be a part! I signed up to volunteer! I will be working at the finish line area. A task I did once at a smaller race, yet a job I always wanted to do one day at a big race! This is my opportunity! The finish line is a hectic, busy place but hey, I can handle that! It is mostly a happy place, a fun place, an exciting place and a rewarding place even for volunteers!

I will be watching for all my friends who are running and maybe my job will be to clip of your chip, hand you your medal, provide you with a blanket or just yell out congratulations!



  1. Good for you - I always think it might be kind of neat to be a volunteer at a big race. Have a great time!

  2. Another benefit of being a volunteer (at the finish line) is seeing the winners come in! As for your substitute/replacement runner, if he's any good 'you' might place in your age category...

  3. Yeah!!! So nice to hear you will be there helping out!

    I hope I get to meet you at the finish line!!! My nerves and a mild case of self doubt are kicking in! So you just gave me another reason to make sure I cross the finish Line :)



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