Saturday, May 22, 2010

Doing something because I want to......

....not because I have to! I biked today because I wanted to and that makes it enjoyable. I haven't been feeling that way lately with running. The time I would spend on longer training runs I plan to now fill with bike rides or hikes.

I liked that I could sleep in this morning and then putter around once I did get up. I didn't have to race out the door to be somewhere at a certain time. I packed a lunch, took extra layers just in case and, of course, brought my camera. I had a plan with taking photos! It is a plan I copied from my friend Biker Babe B! She doesn't know I am calling her that! On one of her rides, she stuck to a photography theme which was "numbers". I wasn't sure what my theme would be today but hoped it would jump out at me as I went along!

Well, lots of things jumped out at me so no theme on this ride! I love biking this time of year. It's so colorful and spring aromas fill the air. The color in these flowers jumped out at me!

I rode wide circles around this family and zoomed in to get the shot. The parents are very protective of their young. I know that, because a Mom jumped out at me once when I got too close.

My ride takes me along the path by the Calgary Zoo. I am always curious what animals I might see each time I go by. I'm glad this fellow didn't jump out at me!

I rounded up and told a few friends I did 50km! It sounds better!


  1. Anyone bought the entry yet?

    Thanks for the great review of your trip to Zion and environs. I've spent several trips there and encountered your same problem with The Narrows. Lots of stories from all over southern Utah, so I'm glad you have some of your own. It's a great country!

  2. Great Job! Looks like you had a great day!

    Enjoy your break from running...the spark will come back, (just look at your 2009 and 2008 running profile...WOW)! You just need a change of pace for a while!

    So looking forward to reading about your future treks!

    Barb :)

  3. A break from running helps to find again the right feeling. Very nice pics: it's spring!!!!


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