Saturday, May 29, 2010

Finishing Lines

Did you follow our home town boy, Jamie Clarke, on his expedition to summit Mount Everest? I did! They reached the summit on May 17, 2010. While standing on top of the world was their goal, their "finish line" was when they all made it back to Base Camp safely. The video of them celebrating on the summit of Mount Everest was out of this world, but it was the video of them reaching their "finish line" that resonated with me! You can check out the video on his Facebook page.
They crossed the "finish line" on May 19, 2010. On May 28th he let us know he is back in Calgary. On May 30, 2010 another kind of "finish line" will come into play. This one will not involve Jamie directly, but me and a few thousand others.

Sunday May 30th, 2010 is the 46th anniversary of the Calgary Marathon. A few thousand people will be going for their own Everest, whether its the Marathon, Half-Marathon, 10km, 5km or 1km race. I won't be running but will be volunteering at the "finish line" where I will see the smiles, the hugs and hear words that will evoke emotion!
While there are vast differences between summiting Mount Everest and crossing the "finish line" of a race, there are many similarities! In both cases everyone has set a goal to aim for and to train for. They have made changes in their lifestyle for a period of time. They have had great training days and days when they felt like packing it in. In both cases, they realized a strength within that allowed them to overcome any doubt and accomplish their goal. Everyone is living their passion!

One similarity I never expected, would be weather related! While the amounts are vastly different between Everest and here, nevertheless, it is snow! These are not the weather conditions you would expect or hope for, for the end of May in Calgary on a big race day.

I wish the best for everyone tomorrow as you live out your passion and conquer your summit! I look forward to being at the "finish line" to celebrate with you!


  1. Oh my gosh, snow! Well I guess that makes me happy with what is predicted for my half here in Brussels tomorrow - 16 degrees and rain. A little bit of perspective helps a lot! Have fun tomorrow!

  2. And here we are at 95F - North America is not without extremes! I hope it turns out to be a great day for the runners and volunteers!

  3. I've been following Jamie's Everest climb too - very inspiring. Your comment on his facebook page was very insightful. Thanks for sharing!


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