Sunday, February 7, 2010

Running for Another Reason

It would have been so much more pleasant and easier to just stay at home wrapped in a blanket this morning! It was cold out, snowy, frosty and foggy! I had to run for another reason today. The plan was to meet Karen and Ken and Ken's side kick Skeemo for a 10km slow run at a pace of approximately 6:40 min/km. We set off at 8:00 am and very easily got into a groove and went with it.

I made sure to admire the beauty of winter along the way. This morning especially! The frost on the trees looked so pretty. What about the frost on our hair? We are both brown-haired ladies!
This is what my 305 spit out once I got home. Distance: 10.1km; Time 1:12:00; Pace 7:07min/km. Not the average pace we planned on but this includes two stops of a sort, one to take a couple of photos and the other to chat with another runner. My watch normally stops when I stop but it didn't today. We did the 10&1 program and our 10s measured like this: 6:43, 6:35, 6:34, 6:55, 7:34 (pictures), 6:41, 7:50 (chat). So all in all, we were right on target.

This morning I didn't run because I had a 10km scheduled training run, or that I was committed to others who were counting on me to be there. Just a few short hours prior to my run, I was reminded how valuable life is! I was reminded to be thankful for my health! I was reminded how short life can be! Last night we lost a friend at the very young age of 42. He lived a very courageous life even more so over the last few months. I ran this morning because I can run and I am so very thankful for that!


  1. What a beautiful day for a run and with a very worthwhile reason. I find so much clarity on runs and a sense of purpose.

    Great pictures.

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend at such a young age. I know exactly how you feel - when we lost a family friend two years ago at the age of 48, I spent so much time during my runs thinking of how lucky I was to simply be able to run... He was a musician and I have one of his songs on my ipod and when it comes on, it always reminds me to be grateful. Strangely enough, that song tends to pop up whenever I seem to be struggling with my run or not feeling great or whatever. It's like a wake up call from up above.

  3. The average pace is good considering you and your friends decided to run slow while it was cold.
    Moreover you run in the fog.:)
    Have a good training.


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