Sunday, February 21, 2010

Early 12

I was finishing up my 12km this morning as most runners were just getting starting! Yes, I was out there as the sun was coming up and mine was the 3rd car at the Edworthy parking lot. I headed east and at 6km turned back to cover my tracks and call it a day.

My pace was quicker, no chatting today. I missed Karen, she has life happening for the next couple of weeks. Even though I still felt fine going at the quicker pace, I still prefer a chat to go with the slower pace.

I came prepared to head off to Bowness to skate 5km after my 12km run but it didn't happen. I came home, cleaned up, ate then had some one on one time with my sofa and TV!

This is how I chalk up today's run: 12:05km in 1:21:19 at an average pace of 6:44min/km. Looking at my split times, I think I do very well at keeping pace.

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  1. Nice job keeping a steady pace - especially with those elevations. Hopefully things are okay with your friend and she can join you next time!


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