Friday, February 12, 2010

Leading Up To Our Games

Today was tops at Taylor Lake! It rated up there with regards to scenery, snow conditions, weather and fun, friendly, folks. You could say it was a tall day too! These trees certainly look tall as did so many others along the trail. The snow was new, so very white and it looked absolutely gorgeous.
Speaking of tops! I was amazed at the tree tops and how the snow accumulates and just sits there. You just don't want to be underneath when the ball drops!
There were lots of places one could get into trouble if you went off the trail. There were lots of places one could just get into! If it looked like you could, then I did.
The snowshoe to the lake was just over 6 kilometers most of it in the trees so afforded no scenery except for the white trees. Just before the 6 km mark, we came into the opening and had views of Mount Bell to the left and snow covered Taylor Lake.
We picked our dining spot and settled down to refuel and rest a bit before the crazy carpeting competition. It was imperative we leave our snowshoes on in this area because the snow was deep. Knee high with snowshoes on so probably waist high without.
Let the games begin!

Be sure to check out "Our Own Olympics" report above this report.

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