Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Running and Hiking

Following a plan and making a plan, that's what has been occupying my time recently!

My running is going just fine and now it's time to make my evening runs a tiny bit longer and that should be easy with it staying lighter longer and the sidewalks becoming clearer and clearer. I found a hill close to home that is dry and would be perfect for hill training. I do realize it is still just February and this is Calgary but I can't help it, I have spring fever! I was happy with my average pace of 6:09 min/km yesterday.

I was reminded on my run last evening that drivers don't always see when they look to the right when making a right hand turn to merge into traffic coming from the left. I thought I made eye contact and started to run into the cross-walk only to realize that I thought he saw me but must have seen through me! He scared me and I scared him!

I have been having a wonderful year so far with hiking and snowshoeing. With running I am following a plan and with hiking I am making a plan. Well, the plan is made, I am working on the details. I have my hotel room confirmation number and my money is down on a place ticket to hike in Utah in May. Now I just need to arrange a vehicle rental, pick what hikes to do and then as time gets closer, start a count down on number of sleeps!

This hiking trip comes smack in the middle of two half marathons that are a month apart. I have no intentions of running in Utah but I have always found that hiking is a great cross-training activity, although that has never been the reason I hike.

I love the anticipation of plans and when plans work out!


  1. Hello Alexandra,

    I found your blog through links on other running blogs. I really enjoy your writing and muses, but the photographer is outstanding. Thanks for reminding me of some great backpacking and trips!

    I usually only plan out a week or two of running in advance, unless it is within a few months of my annual marathon when I will plan out a solid three months. A little anal, maybe, but it works reasonably well for me.

    Your driver comments above really struck home, pardon the pun. All runners should really watch cars pulling out turning right when we are approaching from their right...they just don't look our way, and as you noted it is particularly bad these short light days. Just a friendly safety tip.

    Keep posting! I really enjoy following along from Texas.

  2. Excellent blog Alexandra! Your running/hiking/skating/snowshoeing adventures are so inspiring and fun to read about, plus your pictures are breathtaking (esp of the mountains!).

    Have a great time on your trip to Utah in May. Are you going to the national parks to do your hiking - Arches, Zion, Bryce? Or perhaps off the beaten path at Moab? Enjoy your travels.



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