Thursday, February 5, 2009

Walk & Run, Not All In One

It's a great day to be outside here in Calgary! February days like these are few and far between!

Today's total distance covered was 9.35 km but not all in one. 5.93 km of it was doing that lunch time walk thing again. It really breaks up the day and then the afternoon seems to go by so quickly. The balance of the 9.35 kms looks like this:

Distance: 3.42km
Time: 20:38
Pace: 6:01 min/km

I headed in a different direction when I went for my little evening run. I can add on to this route when I have more minutes of daylight. I wore my 305 on my bare wrist for the very first time. Gee, it's a big watch! The face of the watch is wider than my wrist!

Tomorrow is going to be a rest day for me as I gear up for another big snowshoe trek on Saturday. 7 on the 7th is Saturday too, so I may have to improvise somehow making my snowshoe, my race!

I'm loving life these days!


  1. I'm jealous of you Calgarians and your chinooks etc. It was nice here today but I was stuck inside sick! I too will be snowshoeing on Saturday - think it can count for 7 on 7?

  2. You do have some great things around you... nice.


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