Saturday, February 7, 2009

7 on the 7th Report

Today was a snowshoe day for me so I incorporated my "7 on the 7th" run into this event.

When I found this virtual run on RunToFinish's blog, I thought maybe I could participate in a unique way. I knew I probably wouldn't be able to do the actual 7 miles but I could come close, and my time would be on the slow slow side. But hey, time doesn't matter when it's all about fun! That's my philosophy!

I printed off the race bib which was designed by RunningLaur and pinned (yes pinned) it to my backpack, I didn't want to tear the bottom part off!

I wasn't able to run on the ascent but as you can see, I am proudly displaying the bib, which needed an explanation to the other folks. It also matched the color of my poles and snowshoes.

Once we climbed a bit and came upon the alpine meadow, I went for it as long as I could, which wasn't very long. My backpack was heavy, I take a big lunch, and my snowshoes are not the kind for running. I tried though, all in the spirit of the "7 on the 7th Virtual Race".

I completed a portion of the 7 miles, I did 5.3 miles and that took me 4 hours and 5 minutes which included an hour stop for lunch at the top in the sunshine. So, three hours and 5 minutes. That is a far cry from my estimated time of completion being 1 hour and 11 minutes.

I look forward to competing in another virtual race and maybe the next time I will be able to run the whole way!

I feel so high on life these days, just like being "on top of the world"!


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