Tuesday, February 10, 2009

She's Up By 3 !

I went up to bat for the third time and made another home run!

I was looking for an excuse not to run today but no luck in finding one that was legitimate, so I ran home after work! When I read the on-line news just before lunch, it was reported there were 13 calls this morning to 911 where people had slipped on ice and needed to go to the hospital due to injuries. The skiff of snow over night made for treacherous conditions. The snow was actually beneficial to me on my run home. By the end of the day, it was sticky on the icy parts and I didn't need to walk over those sections.

I felt strong and swift like a fox. One thing I just realized is that I have been recording my total time and overall pace, so that includes when I stop for stop lights, which there are a few of on my home run. That would explain why my home run pace is slower then my Sunday morning pace. Nothing to stop for on those runs.

My third home run looks like this:

Time: 56:49
Distance: 8.08km
Pace: 6:51 km/min

Is there a name for it when someone gets three home runs?


  1. Great job on the run home! If it weren't a half marathon for me to run home...uphill...I might consider it!

  2. I like how you call them "home runs" - that makes you feel even more like a winner for doing them!


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