Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slow Slog!

Today's run was my first run since last Sunday! My plan called for 16km! I wasn't sure I would be able to accomplish that distance since I didn't run all week, I felt tired and had a sore behind from yesterday, plus I am battling something that I think I picked up while sitting in the waiting area to see my Doctor last Tuesday for an annual check-up!

I did an out west and back from the "Y". The "out" was a slow slog! I had several debates on whether or not I should go for the 16km, maybe just make it 10km or 12km. Once I reached Edworthy, blew my nose, take off my mitts, chowed down a power gel, took of my sunglasses then took stock, I felt renewed and ready to carry on.

I headed west until my 305 flashed 8km then did a u-turn and ran into the sun knowing today's run was going to turn into a success! For me, this is what today's success looks like:

Time: 1:47:25
Distance: 16.02 kms (9.9 miles)
Pace: 6:42 mins/km

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