Friday, December 19, 2008

My Greeting To You!

For those of you who drop in to visit me here, this is my greeting to you! I hope to catch you before you head away for the holidays. I have done many cross-stitch and needle point projects in my life. Many projects hang on my walls and lots more have been gifts to others. This is one I did for my Mom and Dad many years ago and they use to hang it up in their home every Christmas. Now it hangs near my front door in my home at Christmas time. It makes me think of all the words that would be on a greeting card! This is my card to you:

Here's to great times with family and friends!
May you find joy in all that you do!
Sending wishes for peace in your world around you!
I hope your holidays are filled with everything you love!



  1. That's beautiful!! How nice that it now hangs in your home over the Holidays!
    I got your card yesterday...thank you!! I hope to mail yours on Friday....after I get Tracy's photo.
    Take care

  2. Thank you for the wonderful greeting. The feeling is mutual. All the best to you, Andra. Merry Christmas.

  3. I love that! I used to do cross stitch as a kid with my mom...with her because I never managed to finish the very intricate projects that I wanted to do


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