Sunday, December 7, 2008

Autobiography Tree

My Christmas Tree is up! After running yesterday's Santa Shuffle, I truly got into the spirit! My tree doesn't have a theme or a color scheme but as I finished hanging each decoration and stood back to look at it, I realized it told a lot about me. My Christmas Tree is my Autobiography Tree!I enjoy travelling and these are two of the many places I have been.
I even sailed on the Bluenose out of it's home port of Lunenburg!

I use to be a figure skater and liked to roller skate too!

Now I run and snowshoe!

I love anything and everything that has to do with lighthouses!

I will always remain true to my roots!

Along with the enjoyment I get from sitting by my Christmas Tree today, it also brings back memories of wonderful, fun times I have had over the years.


  1. Cool tree! I did a theme tree this year, but we put up another one, downstairs and it has all the "autobiography" ornaments. I'll never give that up! Thanks for sharing your tree. :D

  2. What a lovely post.

    Travel, lighthouses, running... those are some of my favorite things too!

    Your tree tells a beautiful story, with many exciting chapters to come. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I was putting my tree up with the kids today and thought how nice it would be to post pics. Then I look at your blog and you've already done it. It's great to see your decorations, they're lovely. Where did the runner come from?

  4. Thanks for sharing! We're not putting our tree up this year since we'll be away travelling, but I was thinking how we'll miss the reminiscing that goes with getting all the ornaments out.

  5. beautiful! I like having some key things on my tree too. :)

  6. Nice tree!!
    I believe we'd have several of the same ornaments. It's a very tastefully dressed tree. No tree for me this year. I'll be at my mom's and sisters in Cal. They'll hve the massive--but less personal--trees.

  7. I love the ornaments on your tree! I think the ornaments that mean something are the best. Initially I bought a bunch of cheap Ikea ornaments, but I don't even put those on the tree anymore.

  8. I love the runner!

    I think Nova Scotia is my adoptive province, I love it there =) Too bad I can't find a job...

  9. The true meaning behind a Christmas tree. Each year we pick out memories from the box of ornaments and re-live them as we place them on the tree. So much more meaningful than any box of new ornaments! Great post! Doug

  10. I love your tree! I am trying "again" to post a comment, it wouldn't let me the other day for some reason....hope I have more luck today.
    I have your card here, but I'm waiting until the end of this coming week to mail it...I get Tracy's grad photos on Thursday and want you to have one.


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