Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Could Have...

...but I won't be, and that makes me feel disappointed!

At the first of the year when I added the Ticker Factory Counter to my blog, my goal was to have it read 1000 kilometers by the end of this year. I am no where near there and here it is December 16th! There is no way it is going to happen!

I was doing so well the first half of the year and came up 4 kilometers short of reaching 500 by June 30th but at that time I knew I would have this in the bag come December 31st. Even though I did three half marathons in the second half of the year, my training was not as consistent and as often. After the Kelowna Half in October I changed my goal to cut back on running, to take a rest and enjoy other activities. Deep down inside I still really wanted that Ticker Factory Counter to read 1000kms on December 31st. There would be only one way that would happen, I had to run and I didn't.

I read NikeMom this morning and she posed a question, "what is the single biggest thing holding you back from your goal?", this got me thinking about not reaching my goal! I read the mileage accumulated for the year so far on others' blogs and the distances are amazing and I admire you for that! I know I could do it but I won't be and this disappoints me that I gave up on a goal I set for myself!


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself. Goals are important as it helps to keep us motivated and directed, it is a measure by which to check progress and achievement. But they shouldn't make us feel bad if you fall a bit short. After all you run because you enjoy it don't you! Wasn't it Woody Allen who said something like "If you're not failing every now and again it's a sign you're playing it safe"

  2. Alexandra: I agree, don't be hard on yourself. Life happens and one can easily get busy with family and responsibilities. There are real goals: staying healthy, staying married, staying employed. Then there are goals that are more hopes and aspirations. Certainly they can help keep us on task, but we have to be careful they don't interfere with more important tasks. Personally, I think it is amazing what you have done this year. Look at the races! Doug

  3. I had to give up on my goal after an injury, but I think what's important is that you didn't give it up, you changed it. You decided that a number wasn't as important as your mental and physical health.

  4. Don't be so hard on yourself. Stay positive. You did great things this year. Nearly 800k is awesome. Don't worry about the final number on the counter, it is an arbitrary statistic.

    My philosophy is to never look back and dwell on the past. Always look forward and keep your eye on the road ahead and new challenges.

  5. Don't be disappointed - some goals get met and others don't, that's just the way life is. Instead, look at all the other big things you accomplished this year. That's the stuff that really matters, right? It's kind of funny that you wrote about this tonight - so did I! So when I got here and saw your topic of the 1000 km in 2008 it made me smile. Great minds think alike!

  6. Oh, how many times have I set a goal for myself and then fallen short, and then to top it all off, beat myself up for it! So I know where you are coming from...but I also know that we should be proud of everything we have accomplished, even though it is sometimes hard not to focus on what we didn't. Nearly 800 kilometers is a great achievement all by itself! You can be proud.

  7. It might not be 1000K but it is still 800K! You've done a lot this year and are injury free! =) Be happy of what you did accomplish not what you wished!

  8. I think if you counted in your hikes you'd go well over the 1000k mark. I realize they're not running, but they definitely count as training!

    Great job on running 800k in addition to all the other fun things you do!

    Have a fabulous Christmas and an awesome 2009. It would be very cool to meet up with you at one of your 09 races. Keep going! :)


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