Monday, March 10, 2008

The Run Fun

For me, that’s what it’s all about! The fun! Well, mostly that is what it is about. I can be competitive within myself, so a very small percent is not for the fun of it. The "run fun" comes this Sunday. I have missed it. My last "run fun" was at the Hallowe’en Howl. It’s like an addiction, and I am craving "run fun"!

The "run fun" all starts with race pack pick-up. The feeling of anticipation of what may be in the pack and what the shirt will look like this year and praying you ordered the right size this time. After 10 years of running, I still don’t have that down to a science yet. Then comes the need to set a time to meet at somebody’s house and deciding who will drive. Pinning on the race bib and taking pre-race photos is all part of the routine.

At the start of the race, you may not know a single soul, but you feel you are amongst your large extended family members. There’s lots of chitter chatter and nervous energy surrounds you. It’s exciting! Finally, the gun goes off or the horn blows and away we go. Eventually getting into your groove and going with it. Before you know it, the race is over. Well, the 5km or 10km races have that feeling! Crossing the finish line with a sense of accomplishment and a pat on the back, even if it was not the fastest time, it’s all about the "run fun" anyway.

Time for race review, treats and coffee. Everyone is on a "runners’ high" all talking at once. Another part of the "run fun" routine is post-race photos showing all with glowing cheeks and big smiles. Once again, anticipation.....this time though, will I be the winner of a draw prize?

After the celebrating is over and we are parting ways, the conversation revolves around the next opportunity for "run fun"! It can’t come soon enough for us!

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