Friday, March 21, 2008

Living in the Now !

That’s what today was all about! Not yesterday or last year, not tomorrow or next year....but today, the present, the now!

This Good Friday, late in the season snowshoe was about opening our senses to allow them to be stimulated by exactly what was surrounding us at today’s moments in time. There can be so much more then just getting to the planned destination. We always knew this, but because today an extra effort was made to be aware, the journey along the way fulfilled an even inner sixth sense!

The snow covered mountains surrounding us never cease to amaze me and leave me speechless. Pictures and verbal or written descriptions never do the Rockies justice. One actually has to be there where you can even hear the mountains. Listen closely and you know spring has sprung as the birds chirp their happy tunes for you. We hear the sound of planes in the far distant sky taking everyday people to far off places where they can feel a tropical sun on their faces instead of our warm winter sun that reflects off the snow.

Breathe in the fresh air! The winter-fresh scent fills the air exuding from the bright green trees that line the trail and from the young treelings that are now peeking above the sparkly snow in the alpine meadows. You know it’s spring too, a drift of smoke passes by as it is brought in by the warm dry gentle breeze.

The touch on the bottom of our feet as we trek along tells us that soon it will be time for hiking boots instead of snowshoe boots. The feel of the crystalized compacted snow is firm, not allowing that walking on clouds feeling and adding a sound that can distract from peacefulness.

Around noon, it’s time for a well deserved sit down break, feeling a cool breeze on our back and the warm hot sun on our face. Hot chocolate, sea salt malt vinegar chips, bright orange carrots, nuts raisins smarties mixture, turkey and ham on buns that appeal, crackers, cookies, and don’t forget Easter eggs and jellybeans. So many textures and flavours to tantalize the taste buds and the tongue. As we relax with an awesome view to the front, tall trees to protect from the back, we savour our lunch, we feel the sun turn our white to pink and share our stories, thoughts and feelings.

Today was an accomplishment. By living in the now, you have the opportunity to see, hear, touch, taste and smell, so much so, that it removes you from yesterday and tomorrow. Your senses take you away from cares and worries and stresses! Today left me with the feeling that I just want to shout out loud "Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything!"


  1. Great post and a way that we should be thinking every day...


  2. Nice...I'll be getting my snowshoes soon. I'd better bring my GPS!


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