Monday, March 17, 2008

New Day New Race New Training

With my first race (10km) of the year now history, it’s time to....BAM, kick it up a notch!

My next race is looming! It’s the Police Half-Marathon on Sunday April 27th. Now the training gets serious with longer long runs, include some pyramid hill repeats and adding a touch (just a touch) of speed work. The timing is right with warmer weekend mornings, clearer pathways and lighter later in the evenings. No excuses!

This will be my fourth Police Half-Marathon but my first where I will receive a medal. This is my redemption for the previous three I ran when it was believed that everything that was put into training to be able to cross the finishing line of a half-marathon race was not worthy of a medal.

It’s time! I feel good! I feel strong! I feel ready!

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