Saturday, March 1, 2008

Leisurely Lunch with Ladies

Making meaningful memories is how I want my March to be measured!

For the kick off, I had my two good friends over to my place for a leisurely ladies lunch. These two friends met ten years ago, although events of the occasion remain sketchy. We were able to pin down the date, the consensus was that it took place on Good Friday. Today was an opportune time to renew the acquaintance.

Make mention of memories, musings, mayhem and you end up with diversified conversations about reunions, wines and politics. (Oh, the politics, what will happen Monday?) Seven hours later, how could you not find yourself in a happy place after an abundance of laughs from celebrating and sharing with good friends.

My vote is that March came in like a lamb!

PS Permission passed to post picture!

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  1. I'm here finally!!! Love the name of your blog...we can "visit" each other alot.....and enjoy a glass of wine together.


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