Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spiky to the Rescue

I was out the door a half hour before sunrise this morning! It seemed bright because of the snow that fell in the wee hours of the morning and was continuing to fall. What I thought were called "Icers" for my hiking boots are actually called "Spiky" and they fit my runners perfectly and were perfect for today's conditions. Spiky is a more fun name, I think! I was happy to see that my favourite little Canadian Tire route had been plowed except for two big snow banks I had to maneuver over but not happy to realize it is not 5km in distance, thanks to my brand new Garmin! Because it came up short, I ran around a bit once I got closer to home just to bring it up over 5km and this is what I came up with:

Time: 35:20
Distance: 5.12km
Pace: 6:54 min/km

There will be two more windows of opportunity to run before calling 2008 a wrap!

Today's run is done, now it's time to celebrate with Ms M and Lady Bell. Today will be a Christmas celebration, a New Year's celebration but the best reason to celebrate will be because on December 22nd Lady Bell was declared cancer free! WooHoo! Yippie! Yeehaw! Yahoo!


  1. I'm very happy you're enjoying your new garmin, I love this toy!!

    Great job on the run this morning =)

  2. I am a little nervous that Garmin is going to start telling me my paths aren't as long as I thought, we shall see!

  3. Got myself a Garmin too.. love it!


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