Monday, December 1, 2008

Clearing Congestion

One more day is what I need before facing my work desk! From past experience, I know a good way to clear congestion is to lace up the runners and hit the road for a short one. I just got back from a short one! I wore my favourite Royal Victoria Half Marathon shirt which is so comfy and cozy and it was perfect for the conditions of sunshine and +5 C. I went for 32 minutes and needed two short walk breaks. In addition to clearing the congestion, it cleared the cobwebs and soul too! There was only one issue! No tissue! So......well, what's a runner to do! Now I need a nap!


  1. Nothing better than a quick blast in the middle of the day! The afternoon will surely fly by!

  2. What is going there! +5°C in December??? Now that is totally insane!!

    I'm having the sore throat here too... hope it clears up soon for you. Running makes everything better lol

  3. I always say a sweat session makes me feel better..well unless it's a stomach bug...otherwise swwweeeat!! Hope you feel better.

  4. A short run does wonders for blocked sinuses! Have you ever tried aromatherapy? My favorite remedy is ravintsara oil in a diffuser whenever anyone is sick.


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