Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry in the Mountains

...and the winner is! Both Ms M and I came away from today winners! Our stars were aligned for a fabulous day and that is exactly what we had!

After an eight minute ride up the Sulphur Mountain Gondola, this is where we landed, 2281 meters (5194 feet) above sea level, the place where the battle would be begin! We enjoyed a feast first, for our bellies and then our eyes. Ms M choose to stick closer to home base. (I wondered if her reason was to sneak inside and tamper with the deck!)
I ventured out along the walkway along with a few others who braved the cold and the wind.
Then it was time for the game to begin. This was our view as we set up the crib board and shuffled the cards, we were looking down onto the townsite of Banff. If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see the Banff Springs Hotel in the bottom right corner. I had a difficult time staying focused on the game. The scenery was distracting as was my thermos full of a mixture of coffee and hot chocolate. One hour later, the match ended in my favour. Ms M's competitiveness came out, she wanted the rematch, then and there! We had more sightseeing to do so the duel will carry on, on another date at another place!
On our list to see was the Vermillion Lakes area. It's a wetlands where about 250 species of birds migrate to. So many people have never been down this road, they just drive by not even knowing this beautiful area exists.
Then it was on to Bow Falls! No falls to see today but the sun on the mountains off in the distance caught my eye. We knew now, with the light getting low, it was time to head on back to Calgary.
Banff is always beautiful and today, I felt merry to be in the mountains. We could not have asked for a more perfect day. Thank you Ms M for sharing the day with me. Thank you for the Christmas Tree decoration, another story to add to my autobiography tree, a remembrance of our Gondola adventure.


  1. Oh my!! Your photos never cease to amaze me! (Yes, I know I can see them in person whenever I get out there!)
    Take care...enjoy your holiday and have a glass of wine for me!!
    Love and friendship

  2. Beautiful photos! Have a very happy Christmas!

  3. So much snow, such lovely mountains and terrific photographs as always!

  4. Hi Andra:

    Great pictures of a perfect day in the Rockies, I thank you for the day spent together on a mountain top enjoying lifes pleasures, friendship, food and a challenging game of crib. See you soon for a re-match.

    Ms. M


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