Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Another plan is in place to get that first snowshoe of the season in on Saturday! I'm ready this time just like I was the last time but wimped out because I caught a cold! This time I am fine but the weather will be cold! My boots are good for -45 Degrees Celsius but the forecast is for a mere -22C, so this should be smooth sailing. I have all the other warm gear including HEAT FACTORY Hand Warmers which are good for 10 hours. Our plan is to snowshoe for 4 hours, so once again, this should be smooth sailing. Our destination is Chester Lake which is close to two hours (driving time this time of year) west of Calgary along the Smith Dorien Highway.

PS: I just realized that when I look at "All The Buzz" on the right of my blog to check out your latest post, what should be listed as your latest post is not necessarily your last post! I will have to pay more attention so as not to miss what you have to share!


  1. Have fun! Chester Lake is a lovely excursion!

  2. Have fun! I love those heat packages! I use to put them in my ice skates!!

  3. Wow, I am impressed with those snow shoes!

    I noticed the same thing with the blog feeds - sometimes it's not completely accurate!

    Have a great weekend enjoying being outside. It sounds like you've got everything covered. We fly off to warm Florida on Sunday morning - can't wait!!


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