Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Yes I can count! That stands for another 8km on Christmas Eve! I drove down to the Curling Club and ran the Crowchild Loop from there. I'm glad I ran when I did at 10:00am, because as I type this now, the winds have picked up and are whipping the snow around! My run was quicker and smoother today, it was warmer so not as many layers were needed. Yet, it was cold enough to make my cheeks pink. I like when that happens!

I have been putting together a plan to attack that will get me into fine form to run the Calgary Marathon on May 31st, 2009. Two races I am considering along that journey are the Calgary Police Half Marathon and Woody's Red Deer Half Marathon. Both of those fall on weekends where my proposed plan calls for 19km and 23km training runs. Once the new year arrives, I'll firm up my attack plan!


  1. Congrat's on finishing the year in form! It must make you feel good. Good luck setting your goals for next year. The races look great!

  2. Calgary Marathon! Awesome! =)

    The winds are pretty brutal here, 60 km/h right now but it is suppose to go up to 90! I'm having trouble going to sleep as it is so loud!

  3. Great plan for 2009. I look forward to following your training for the marathon.


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