Friday, October 10, 2008

You're It! I've been tagged!

I've been caught and tagged by Leana! I need to come up with a few random things about myself and then catch and tag some other folks! Hold on, here we go!
  • In Grade One I was kicked out of the Boy Savior Club at my Catholic School because I was running around playing tag in the hallway after the bell went off. Look at me now, playing tag again and still running around!

  • One morning at work after eating my banana, I took my vitamin pill. The pill lodged in my throat cutting of my breathing. Gasping for air, I started to turn blue and fell into my chair. A co-worker performed the heimlich maneuver on me and thank god he did! What was suppose to be healthy for me almost did me in!

  • I started running when I was 40. My very first race ever (with no training at all and never having done a race before) was a 5 km that I completed in 38 minutes, running steady no walking, wearing tennis shoes, cotton socks and an electric blue sweat suit! Maybe that was a sign that running would be my destiny!

  • During my university years, I was hypnotized by Reveen. Once the show started and he picked the players, he asked each of us what gift he could give us in return for being willing participants. We each stated our request. After acting out being an astronaut, a women’s liberation leader and a flashy sports car he granted my wish to never be afraid of going to the dentist again. Since then, my dental visits have been a breeze! Thank you Reveen!!!!!

  • In my small home town there use to be fire boxes on neighborhood corners. If there was a fire, you use to have to pull down the door of the box and then release the lever which would send a signal to the fire station. They could tell which box the signal came from and they would dispatch to that location. When I was seven, I was curious about this so opened the door and pulled the lever. Within a few minutes the fire truck came and all the firemen in their uniforms. I was reprimanded but that didn’t stop me, I did it again! That thing I have for a man in uniform started at a very young age!

Now it's my turn to catch you! Watch out! I caught you:

Running Potter

One More Time


Canuck Runner

Chasing Pavement


  1. Cute post! What small town did you grow up in? Have fun in Kelowna!

  2. I was on the stage once at Raveen. I was chucked off... couldn't be hypnotized. Good tag! I'll take you up on the challenge... :-)

  3. Congrats on your helf marathon ! Canada sounds very beautiful. I have never been there. I emigrated from England to the USA 20 years ago. Running has become very addictive for me. It's also very cold here in Utah this weekend. We woke up to several inches of snow this morning but it has gone now. Happy Running !

  4. So that was YOU that kept pulling the fire box!!! LOL I had no idea, the things you learn about someone you thought you knew so well! haha.


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