Friday, October 24, 2008

Tomorrow's Destination

When you head west, pay attention to when you just past the turnoff to Kananaskis Highway 40. Look up, a way up to your left. Up on top of the mountain you will see what looks like a tiny little structure of some sort. Well, this is what it is! That's where we are going tomorrow! It’s the Barrier Lake Fire Lookout. This is the elevation chart showing we will be hiking a distance of approximately 14 kilometers with an elevation gain of 625 meters.
It's time once again to escape the reality of the concrete jungle and get lost in a place where we can leave all the woes of late behind! It’s a place where you can see forever and feel forever away! The forecast is for sun and +8 degrees! If tomorrow is as windy as it is today, then this hike could prove interesting!

Stayed tuned!

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  1. That'S quite the elevation chart!! Have fun and I hope you don'T freeze your ass off LOL


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