Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Changed My Mind!

That's my prerogative! My original plan was to take the balance of 2008 off from running after completing the Kelowna Half Marathon! It's been two weeks since completing that race! I have a confession to make! I ran this morning and it never felt so good!

I had a conversation with a fellow co-worker who is a running guru and has given me much guidance. He advised that my original plan was not such a good idea. He let me know that I would be prone to injuries once getting back into running in January. His advice is just to run a couple of times a week, keeping them on the short side, just to maintain some kind of a base.

I purchased new Brooks running pants a few weeks back which I had not tried yet so got that opportunity this morning. They are keepers!

I checked out
Leana's post and when she talks about getting ready for her high intensity training for the Walt Disney Marathon I remembered back to a few years ago when I reached that point in my marathon training. I popped in to read Kenny's shopping experience at the Marine Corp Marathon fitness fair. Myself, I never did buy a marathon jacket. Then this morning, Legs & Wings posts about his comeback and thinking and realizing he wants another marathon medal.

Well, I want another marathon medal too!


  1. Go get that medal now! Yes, better keep going even if it less intense than stopping altogether

  2. Yes, you deserve another marathon medal. Rock on!

  3. Probably cutting back as opposed to stopping altogether isn't bad advice. You definitely want to keep some type of running base. There are also several winter fun runs going on around town too!


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